Sisters Wade Revival's first recording and video in 15 years.

Silent Night performed by Deb Wade, Julie Wade, Andy Most & David Spicher


Truth Allure Video Productions, Director: Jason W. Painter, DP: Jesse Luke True

Audio Production: Andy Most

Makeup/Wardrobe: Shane Hobley

Hair: Kayla Magallan

Just experimenting, trying some things, moving stuff around in the kitchen - seeing what sounds less worse for quickie vids.

Elixir NANOWEB PB 12-53 down a 1/2 step...or close.

The only tune I ever wrote in "Low C" tuning(CGDGAD). I wrote it around New Years a long time ago and finally made the effort to figure it out again. Played & recorded on a mighty fine Dana Bourgeois Dreadnought(with a Modified Baggs Dual Source/Joe Mills Mini Condenser)


Thanks to El McMeen for indirectly making me aware of this cool tuning.

Back again with the mighty Rockett Flex Drive,

Tyler Classic Strat & Suhr Badger.